Saturday, December 13, 2008

A little house cleaning

When my sister moved in I needed to remove all of my personal items from the spare bedroom and hall bathroom. This has resulted in an office that is packed with 'things' and a bedroom that is packed with baskets of yarn (I'm a knitter). Today I started to FINALLY tackle the office.

Seems there were a number of items left over from previous jobs. I've also discovered that even with the elimination of what must have been 8 boxes of books, I still have too many books for my bookshelves.

Phonebooks, old papers, magazines - it all has to go. And right now a significant portion of it is sitting outside the office door in two large garbage bags and a box. I sure hope I can get them downstairs..

The dog crates have also come to reside in the office. For about two months they have been in the middle of the room taking up what felt like all of the free space. I brought them up here the day of Halloween party to get them out of the living room and decided I really prefer the look of my living room WITHOUT the crates. I'm not sure the bulldog will be real thrilled but I suspect I'm going to need to use the space above the crates as a sort of shelf.

This is all quite daunting and that leads to procrastination. (Which is why I'm here writing this instead of feverishly working on the rest of the office or moving my clean up project into the bedroom. I hate clutter, I hate living in it and this is really driving me crazy but I'm almost out of room which makes the work really difficult.

I bought this house from a family with two kids. I can't imagine how they managed to live here. Sometimes it just seems so very small.