Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Last night Dexter was up in my lap being as lovey as ever. He's chatty and has a funny little voice. I was noticing his feet and his extra toes and couldn't help but to think how they were just not as big as Horus's feet. Horus, even without the toes, just had huge feet and was a big cat. I could hear him clomping through the kitchen and knew exactly who it was.

Doing a search for some email a few nights ago I had an email I had sent the woman who found Horus's mom with a picture of him and I had made the comment that Horus was just the best cat and how I loved him so very very much. I wanted to cry.

I hope he's not dead, I hope he comes home. It will be 5 months he has been gone on the 26th.

Dexter is a great little cat, but his personality is very different from Horus. They are both quite well behaved and have funny voices, in fact all of my cats are very different and none of them can take the others place.

Dexter is my first longer haired cat and he has a sweet little smile and loves to just look at you. He's like a little lion with a squeeky roar. You can see his happy, handsome fact here. He'll be 6 months old soon and he's the baby of the house. I'm taking him to Florida for Christmas to meet my parents 3 orange cats and their black and white polydactyl. Horus didn't enjoy meeting other cats so much but Dexter is really laid back. I suspect it comes from living with Tia and her other cats as she nursed him over his first few months. He's also my only kittie prone to eye boogies!


Alley Cats and Angels of North Carolina said...

I remember Dexter (formerly Snarfle when I rescued him) when he was an icky, sticky, sicky little boy. But even icky and sticky, he was so darn cute! And he couldn't have found a better home than with Jill.