Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Downstairs Demolition

The water damage downstairs had extended as far into the kitchen as the small island on the side of the fridge. All of the flooring had to be ripped out to start the drying process.

The de-humidifiers are about rib cage high and there is currently one in the living room and one in the kitchen.

I've run out of places to move furniture and other items. Everything furniture in the Living Room has been pushed back against the far wall. All of the personal items have been moved into the dining room for their protection. Anything else has also been put into the dining room.

Upstairs I've been forced to get things on the bed or as close to the far wall as possible. Other items have been moved into my office.

Dexter gets locked in the office during the day with the dogs. I am concerned that with all the coming and going that he might get outside.

This is the eating area of my kitchen. The water was coming down from the fixture in here and destroyed the table beneath it. It also seems to have destroyed all of the things sitting on that table.

Martha is continuing to investigate which of her items are damaged beyond repair.

Yesterday they were unable to finish the 'demolition' because there was so much work to do downstairs as far as floor and ceiling removal and pulling up carpet. When they left I had 5 fans and two dehumidifiers. The Dehumidifiers are pretty neat as they have these long clear hoses that are continually draining the water they remove from the air down the drain in the half bath. Here you can see one of the de-humidifiers in the living room and all of the living room furniture up against the far wall. There is a fan on either side of the living room blowing under the carpet. It is my understanding that the carpet pad that I pay extra for has been removed. Note to self: Make sure they replace that carpet pad with a pad as good as the one they took out!When you look at the exposed plywood it's pretty easy to see how wet the wood is. I am really surprised by how quickly it spread and how 'soaked' everything seemed to get. Granted I didn't actually see the standing water and the water pouring out of the ceiling since I wasn't in town - but it sure seems like a lot, especially with what those de-humidifiers are pouring down the sink. Finally here is a view from the far side of the kitchen. You see right through the eat in portion of the kitchen where I gather most of the water came down - all the way to the far wall in the living room. The de-humidifier is sitting in the center of the room.

On the counter you can see the library books that were on the table. Martha is trying to dry those, I don't have much hope. The spine is dissolved on one of them, I'm pretty sure the others will end up with some sticking pages. She is supposed to take them to the library and get the replacement costs in writing so I can submit those to the insurance company. She also had some electronics on the table that no longer work. I told her to get information on what it would cost to replace those as well.

Today they are finishing up downstairs and they should have been tearing out the tile in the bathroom and lifting the carpet in the master and spare room to start the drying. I'm sure the cats are ecstatic.