Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Flea prevention

Lli and Dexter napDexter is very unhappy with me and Lli is drooling.

It's spring and time for the flea meds and heartworm pills. Dexter is too young to know about the ordeal kitties who needed flea treatment went through as recently as 18 years ago. Lli hasn't really done flea meds before and doesn't know better than to attempt to lick her own neck - hence the drooling.

I had to use Dexter's handle to catch him tonight.

On Friday I had personal training session at my house, the first here. Dexter seems to have become afraid of strangers after the house-rebuilding project. He's curious, but doesn't want to get too close.

Yesterday Dexter and Lli had a nap together on the ottoman. Too bad Dexter's color means he doesn't look nice on the ottoman. He kind of blends in and washes out. He's a little hard to see but he is there next to her in the picture to the right.

finished dining room tableI have a picture of the dining room with the dining room table returned. They did a really nice job of refinishing everything - tops of the furniture but all of the table and chairs. In fact Pamela and I had lunch in there yesterday.

I even got brave and moved the tea cart/liquor cabinet back to the side of the room. But, the replacement pot I put up there was a cheap one.

Dan and I are getting ready to head to Las Vegas on the 15th. I need to make a list and start putting things together. We are going to be gone for 14 days and it's a tad overwhelming.

Lli napping in the sunGiant cat had to move outside. I caught him spraying in the house. There is a new "0 tolerance" policy against destructive cats / dogs. He sits out there and whines, but he's a bully too. I'm trying not to feel bad for him.

It's late and I have another workout in the AM before I head off to work. And there should be some sleep before all of that.

Just like Lli. She's taking a nap in this picture. She likes that ottoman and the spring sun coming through the window.

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Friday, April 3, 2009

A cat without a handle...

Posts have been slim as work and life have been rather busy. I keep thinking of things I would like to blog about and by the time I actually HAVE time, I've forgotten what I wanted to say.

In less than two weeks Dan and I will be heading to Las Vegas for 10 days. For me it's primarily a work event but I am working on getting us to a few shows at night. So far we have tickets to the Cirque Du Soleil production 'Love' and we are planning to see 'O' (also Cirque Du Soleil - but the water one at the Bellagio), Penn and Teller and George Wallace. Depending on what Dan thinks of 'O' we might try to see 'Ka' as well. And we're open to other things as they pop up.

After 10 days in Vegas we are heading to Sedona and the Grand Canyon for 3 days of decompression.

Maybe there I will be able to find another piece of pottery by the same artist who made the pot that Lli and Dexter destroyed last week...

This past Sunday Dan and I went to see Bill Cosby at DPAC and this weekend (that's Cosby on the floor. He was wearing white so with the lights and my cell phone camera he seems like nothing more than a bright light.) Dan remains in Durham at the Full Frame Documentary Film Fest. Next week we have a Robyn Hitchcock concert and David Sedaris on Saturday. Lots of entertainment. We have plans to see a few movies next week before we head out of town and they leave the theatre. I still need to see 'Che Part Two' and I was looking forward to Adventureland.

This Sunday my friend Pamela and I are having a long overdue brunch. We used to spend time planning and preparing and cooking a brunch once a month but had kind of fallen behind. It's at my house so she can see the finished product and I have no idea what I will be making. I suppose I should work on that now.

Any ideas?

The name of this blog comes from a phrase I used to describe Lli to Dan. I have used the tail of my cats to catch them as they have run out the front door more times than I can count - and I have also used the tail at the vet, for example, when a temperature or something gross like that needs to be looked at or taken. I indicated that one of the problems with bob-tail cats is that they didn't have handles. He found this particularly funny and asked that I use that as the title of a post even if the contents of the post were unrelated. Which they are. But I have.

And that's that.