Monday, February 2, 2009

the 4 legged inventory

With my sister here sometimes my house seems a little overly full of pets. I have 3 cats and a dog (had two dogs until recently, another casualty of the house stress and turmoil) My sister also has 3 cats and a dog. It's a lot for a house this size, that's for sure.

These are mine:

Tsu - At 14+ Tsu is my oldest, She came from the Forsyth Humane Society about 13 years ago. Poor girl has had it rough for a while. She's diabetic (almost died from a bad insulin dosage given by a misguided pet sitter), she has only 3 teeth left (none of them frontsizes either) after being attacked by a dog (sadly one that grew up with her and was just super stressed by the house situation) and is starting to find herself covered with moles. eww. Her eyesight is going and she can't jump as well as she used to...

But she's sweet and smart. And overall a very well behaved tuxedo kitty.

Cosmo - Is about 13 years old. He's a rather pretty classic tabby of the brown and black variety. He's a bit co-dependant and has trouble NOT touching me. He has some bad potty habits related to his anxiety and co-dependency and a voice that makes one think there's some Siamese in there not so many generations back. I can feel him getting older these last few months and suspect there is a thyroid thing going on even though his tests keep coming back 'sort of' normal.

Tucker - Just over 5 at this point Tucker should be acting more restrained than she is. Tucker is a tri-color Pembroke Welsh Corgi. She barks too much, harasses cats too much and eats poop every chance she gets. EWWW. Those moles are looking pretty good aren't they?

Dexter(ous) - The shiny new kitten. Dexter moved in last September. It's nice to have young silliness around the house. He's also a super snuggler and really quite laid back. He went to Florida for the holidays and met 4 strange cats that weren't strangers to him.

Here he's pretending to be a super hero.