Tuesday, February 17, 2009

rumors of carpet

one side of the bookcase cleaned outSo after the call regarding carpet installation last night I basically went home and spent all night packing up things in my office so that everything could be moved easily from room to room for the re-carpeting. I was up all night, did some cleaning in the office so the cat funk doesn't end up under the new carpet and moved all the breakables. There is an amazing quanity of stuff in my sister's bedroom. I am afraid the house is 'front heavy'.

All the books on the bookcases are in her room and I boxed things and put them on the shelves in the office.

other side of the bookcase cleaned outI'm hoping they will have moved the huge desk downstairs as I would like to set up my new desk in the office this evening. I plotted everything out in Florida over the holidays before I purchased the desk. Unfortunately with the small disaster radiating out from the master bath the whole desk / office set up thing has been delayed. But I'm looking forward to the smell of new carpet. If I get home and the carpet hasnt' been done I may cry.

And then I will curse and call the Cary Reconstruction Project Manager and raise holy hell...

I mention this because several times lately he has told me that something was scheduled for a specific day - and no one shows. This is kind of an issue since the cats have to be sequestered in various locations when there will be people in the house. With the upstairs hall and two rooms being carpeted there are no doors that won't have to be opened for the recarpeting process. Therefore, cats are in the garage.

Giant Cat (aka Widget, my sister's cat)Funny thing about that too. Open the garage door on any regular day of the week and cats hustle to slip through your legs and into the relitive freedom of the garage.

....Try to put them out there in the morning before you leave for work and it's like, well, like herding cats.

Stuff from the living room made its way into the dining room. Last night Dexter and Giant Cat made it in there as well. Giant Cat does have a name, it's Widget. But, you can see from this picture that he's much larger than a widget.

He's on the new rug that will hopefully match the new flooring that is hopefully being installed (correctly and professionally) on Monday.

If the carpet is in there are a lot of things I will feel compelled to do, including hanging up pictures that were taken down...and cleaning the silloettes of those pictures off the wall. I think of the living room as freshly painted, but it doesn't look like that right now. I want to get that stuff hung as soon as possible.

Dexter snoozing in the cup on top of the post...I discovered the other day that the glass in one of my smaller pictures was broken. I am hoping that is not the case in the larger as one of them was actually professionally framed and the others are all expensive frames which I assume is mostly the cost of the glass... All the sofa cushion covers need to be washed. There is a smell to them and they are all dusty and hairy and there's that musty it was really wet in this house for a while thing going on. Oh, so so much....

Lots of lifting, I have a mirror I want to get back on the mantle. I wish Dan was coming over tonight. He could help with the taller and heavier things. He'll be over on Wednesday after we see Pulp Fiction at the Colony but that will be late and I doubt either of us will feel like it.

Things are starting to feel daunting. My sister is heading home. I want to hear good news if she gets there before I do!


Alley Cats and Angels of North Carolina said...

I met "Giant Cat" last week when I delivered fudge. Widget, the cat's real name, very much deserves the nickname of Giant Cat. Man, oh man, I love me some fat cats!!