Monday, February 16, 2009

more floor

Well, the pictures below look pretty good from a distance, but ultimately there are chips and the gaps keep getting bigger.

The project manager came by early last week and met another installer there to review the project. Ultimately the result is that I am having my floor torn out and re-installed a third time. I hope that the third time is the charm. The new installer plans to be there on the same day at the same time as the old installer who will be removing the existing floor. I am told that I will have a complete floor when I get home next that is the scheduled day.
huge bags of crapIn addition, the carpet came in early and they are scheduled to install that tomorrow. Unfortunately my office is full of 'crap' with it being the main storage room for all the stuff that had to be moved out of the rest of the house. I have chosen to have the office re carpeted with the stairs at my expense. This will at least mean that the only room that doesn't match is the second bedroom (my sisters room) that used to be the guest room so it has the least wear of any room in the house.

Once the carpet is installed I can get rid of that horrid desk. I have a new desk with nice cubbies and stuff that I purchased at Ikea before I knew of the terrible flood and the havoc it would reak.

So I guess the organization begins tomorrow night as I start to put things back in place. I need to find the form for the insurance company to get my table replaced. I also expect my other furniture to be returned next week after the laminate is installed correctly. (crossing fingers). And hey, while I'm at it I'm crossing my fingers that the furniture wasn't messed up when it was re-finished.