Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Blog in Four (completely unrelated) Acts

I thought it might be a good time to do a short blog with a collection of things I hadn't yet mentioned.. A few interesting pictures and a few boring updates. Kind of like a Christmas letter but the holidays are long over and there won't be any references to my kids.

Act 1: More Snow

My sister sent me this picture yesterday after she saw the snow post. I thought it was a really nice picture, certainly makes my fence look a lot prettier than it does on a daily basis.

This is looking out the side towards my evil neighbor's house. There would be more trees if the evil neighbor hadn't taken it upon himself to cut some of my trees down. But I digress.

It's really quite warm here today considering this snow fell just over a week ago. First nice snow fall in a few years. They are calling for some more snow showers next week but I would be terribly surprised if something managed to stick. I need to wash my car. Unfortunately the beauty of snow is very short lived.

Act 2: Wine

Tonight there is a wine class with Pamela. I'm not sure what the theme is, but it will be nice to get out again. It's been a month since the last class and I've been drinking swill as a result of my very tight budget. I enjoy the wine classes, learning about the wines and being able to taste the wines without having to commit to a whole bottle.

After class, Pamela is going to come over and I'm going to make some food for us. It will also be nice to cook for a foodie person. I'm thinking some nice oven roasted veggies and a lean meat. It won't be so homey around there but it will do...

Act 3: Vampire Cats or 'Catula'

My mother has a cat they call Puddy. Puddy is kind of a huge pasty orange cat with some white. He came from Key West and doesn't have much of a personality, but he's sweet. When they first took him home he was a thin boy. Turns out he had some dental problems and as soon as they got fixed he started eating. He hasn't stopped yet. When I visit he hangs out in my bedroom and eats my cat's food. He's also in love with Tsu but has learned to better keep his distance. She gets rather aggravated with him.

Anyway, Puddy has a massive overbite. Even larger than my cat Cosmo. And he looks like a vampire cat. I had to hold his head to keep him looking at the camera, but I assure you his lips are not pulled back in that photo. Those are some impressive fangs.

Act 4:

Augusta is getting her new kitten tomorrow. Persephone came from a co-worker whose boyfriend found the kitten under a car in the driveway. She has been staying at Alley Cats and Angels and was supposed to go home over a month ago but there was some ringworm and then a cold.

Despite the delay, she waited and Persephone will be going to live with Augusta, Jason and Kennedy tomorrow. Kennedy (Augusta's daughter) seems to think that you can just 'keep' a kitten in your room. Good luck.

Persephone is also very tiny. Kind of a mini kitty. And she appears to still be pretty small. I won't be able to go see her tomorrow but I plan to go to visit Augusta on Saturday and see the new baby at home!

Augusta and Jason already have a grouchy Siamese cat that they took from me about 2+ years ago. Pamela found her outside her house 3 years ago and Eno (the Siamese) doesn't care for other cats.

Lucky for her Jason and Augusta do.