Monday, January 19, 2009

paint fumes

When I saw the ceiling last week I thought that it had been painted. At least I had been told by the Project Manager that there would be painting. I inspected the walls downstairs and looked for signs of painting but really didn't see anything that indicated to me that painting was occurring.
It seems that perhaps all they painted last week was the hallway and the bathroom. Today they showed up and started masking off all the walls as they painted the ceilings. My sister is home today and it seems that the ceiling painting occurred mostly before they went to lunch. She sent some more pictures after they were out of house that show the wall preparation that has been done. My coat hooks and my organizer by the front door have been taken down. Looks like they are doing a pretty thorough job. There were some funky patches on the wall facing the stairs that have been there as long as I have lived in the house. From the looks of this picture they are fixing those spots.
I have also asked that they repair a spot beneath my telephone that I tried to patch and did a really poor job fixing. You can actually push on the wall and it kind of That hadn't been done yet so I called the Project Manager this morning to ask that he mention that to the contractor again.
This weekend I did some more cleaning that will probably be undetectable by the end of the day. Lots of dust everywhere again, even a thin coat of grime on my fridge. I wiped down the front and sides I could get to, but surely I will need to do something on the top and pull it out to get the rest. I would like to get the walls in the kitchen painted too at some point I will need to pull out the fridge to get to those anyway.
I cleaned some major dust / grime off the ceiling fans. I swept the underlayment and cleaned up a lot in the laundry room. Cosmo and Tsu are still basically living in the laundry room. Tsu keeps running into the garage and camping out in heated cat cup in front of the heater I put out there to make things more comfortable for Cosmo. Unfortunately Cosmo really doesn't want to go out there... which is a shame since Tsu is the "good cat" and Cosmo is "not the good cat".
Dishes are run, counters are clean and I moved stuff back onto the book cases in the living room since it will be a month before there is new carpet. Sometime in the next few weeks I will need to move stuff out of the laundry room and clean under the washer and dryer in preparation for the new kitty toilet. I'm not exactly sure where I am going to put things from the office when the new carpet goes in there. Certainly it's an opportunity to organize and get rid of the junk. Like that huge ugly desk....