Thursday, January 15, 2009

restoration begins

I haven't been home since Tuesday morning. A lot has changed, not as much as I would have hoped - but at least the place looks better and cleaner.
They have put down the underlayment on the first floor. The plywood being covered is a vast improvement. Not to mention I am hoping that will take care of the downstairs nail and staple problem. It doesn't appear that anything downstairs has been painted including the ceiling, which, upon examination seems to look pretty good. Certainly it doesn't seem like it has been patched.

But, regarding patching, they haven't done anything on the inside wall of the living room and that stupid light switch on the fan is still buzzing and sparking. I suspect I am going to have to address that myself tonight. I don't know what electrician told them he had fixed things but he must be really oblivious. There is fire and smoke coming from the switch when it's turned on. How much clearer does it have to be?
My sister says they painted the hallway - that explains the plastic on the stair railings. Certainly it looks that all the painting that occurred was in the hallway or the bathroom. I get the feeling that contractors work really short days. At least all of their day isn't spent at the site in question. They arrive after I leave for work and are gone long before I get home. Seems kind of like a 6 hour day actually. I guess there is time spent picking up materials and so on. I find it interesting that they covered my railings but not my stair carpet. I should inspect it. If I'm lucky they spilled some paint - but that really is too much to hope for I guess.
The master bath is looking much better. My toilet is no longer in my shower and it is attached and working.

I like the color of the tile and I like it with the wood. I'm glad I selected it. I'm still glad that I have the white in the other two bathrooms and laundry room (just the way they are decorated - although it would probably be nice in the half bath) but it's nice to have something slightly different in the master.

It appears that when putting in the baseboards or painting or whatever today that they broke a few tiles off my wall. These are the gray shower tiles that actually wrap slightly outside the door. Also, I'm also not terribly impressed with the toilet to wall hose their plumbing contractor chose.

Ironic since that's where this whole mess started.

On my spreadsheet of things to watch I am noting the tile, the place where the tile is missing grout and the place under the cabinet that is either missing tile or grout. Not sure what needs to be done to fix it, but it sure wasn't like that before now.
There's a little hole where you can see under the wall there. It looks like the wood, but that small brown line there where the wall meets the floor is actually the wall NOT meeting the floor. That's something we will have to discuss if they don't take care of it on their own. I can't imagine what kind of funk could get under there in a bathroom. I sure don't want to figure out how to get it out of there.

No sign of carpet. No sign of flooring. I'm taking a wild guess, but I'm thinking there won't be any tomorrow either.

Cosmo and Tsu were crammed into the wicker cat basket together. This is actually an improvement as the last time I was here they were fighting over it. The basket is sitting on top of the dryer and they appear to be fine with that as long as I don't use the washer or the dryer. Bad news for them but I'm going to have to use them tonight and it's their own fault since I need to use them to wash the sheets that they have taken to piddling on in front of the washer / dryer.
The new underlament in the dining room is all down. I kind of wonder what they found when they pulled up the last of the laminate floor as that was Cosmo's favorite pee spot - and I think it became a favorite of Widget's too. On the other hand, I don't really want to know and I rather think I would be quite embarrassed.

This is one of those times that it's good that a lot of the workers don't speak English. They can talk about the smell amongst themselves but most of the supervisors can't understand them. right?