Monday, June 7, 2010

Harry - the "Full Monty"

Harry's head shot
About a week ago Dan and I added another cat to our horde.

Supposedly he's part Spynx, as you can guess from his partially hairless state. It seems that if you're not completely hairless, you're not as desirable. He was surrendered by his owner because she was moving in with someone, getting married or something like that and would have too many cats. So she gave up this terribly unattractive 6 year old cat. Kudos for her.

Anyway, poor guy needs regular baths and wasn't getting exactly what he needed at the rescue. Harry napsWe've also taken him to the vet and Dr. Jon has given us some shampoo that matches his skin Ph. I can already tell a difference vs. the baby wash.

He's not in love with our foster kittens, and he keeps getting some abrasions around his neck from roughing around with the other cats but he seems to be working himself out.

He has kind of a deep 'meow' and like most of our cats appears to like Dan best... although he seems to have forgiven me for his latest bath.

We're calling him Harry Monty Churchill. Harry does have a few bad habits, but he appears to know they're bad. I keep finding him on the counters and the tables. what Harry did to the treatsHe also will rip apart bags of cat food and treats and wet food pouches with his teeth. He was declawed by his first owner, so he has learned how to better use his teeth. Mind you the cats are all free fed, as in there is food available 24/7/365 - so there is no reason to tear into a bag of catfood with your teeth. Harry does not appear to care. Perhaps he likes the challenge?

I'm not sure what the other cat Harry was mixed with was. I've considered something like an American Shorthair, he has slightly bulging eyes and a smooshed face that leads to a weepy nose and lots of eye boogies.

But Harry is a nice boy. He purrs loudly and loves us very much. I'm just hoping we can train him to behave himself in the kitchen.Harry also opened the cat food